The Difference Between Using Artistic Wire and Stretch Cord in Your Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. It can be casual or formal, simple or intricate. One of the most important considerations when creating a piece is whether to use cord or wire. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits and Uses of Wire

Artistic wire is one of the most popular types of wire for jewelry making. It comes in fourteen sizes and fifty colors, making it possible to create a variety of looks. It is permanently colored and quite durable.

When creating jewelry with artistic wire, you can bend it into any shape you wish. Bending it correctly requires some skill and practice, but you can create very intricate designs with it. Nice pieces can be created without using any beads at all. Beads can be added as accents, or they could be used throughout the piece.

Getting the correct beads is essential when using wire in your jewelry. The beads must be the same gauge as the wire you’re using. If the holes are too small, they won’t fit onto the wire. If they’re too large, they will slide around.

Artistic wire can be used to create virtually any type of jewelry. It can be looped, wound, angled, and even woven. It does not stretch, so if making a necklace or bracelet, a clasp must be used. If the wearer has trouble with clasps, stretch cord might be a better choice.

Benefits and Uses of Stretch Cord

Stretch cord is not as durable as wire, but it can be used for different types of projects. It’s very easy to work with, making it great for beginners. It also makes it possible to make jewelry without clasps, which is good for children, the elderly, and anyone else who might have trouble with them.

Stretch cord is best suited to simple stringing. It is usually completely covered with beads, so the cord itself is not visible unless stretched. It’s possible to use it for more intricate designs, but if stretched too much during construction, it can cause the piece to become misshapen. Great care must be taken to prevent this. Thread or cord that doesn’t stretch might be more appropriate for beadweaving and other highly detailed projects.

Both stretch cord and wire can be used to create beautiful beaded jewelry. Which one is best depends largely on the project and the skill level of the crafter. Stretch cord is easy to use and doesn’t show in the finished piece. Wire is somewhat trickier to work with and is visible in most pieces. Once you know the differences between them, choosing the right one for your project is usually pretty simple.

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