Beading for a Cause

For those who love to create beaded crafts, the finished product is sufficient reward for their efforts. But did you know that beading is a great way to help worthwhile charities? Beaded items are great for fundraising, because they’re easily portable and sell very well.

What Kinds of Beaded Items Are Best?

Simple beaded pins are great for fundraising. They can be created in a snap with some beads and safety pins, or they can be made more elaborate. It’s easy to find or create patterns that are appropriate for a wide variety of causes. These pins usually sell for $1 to $5 each, so it’s best to keep them fairly simple so that you can create lots of them.

Beaded jewelry is another popular craft item that works nicely for fundraising. It too can be simple or elaborate, but more elaborate pieces may bring higher prices. Making earrings and necklaces that match and selling them separately can bring in even more money for the charity.

Some other beaded items that are good for fundraising include accessories such as purses and barrettes and home décor items. Just remember to keep things simple unless they will be sold for higher prices or at auction.

What Charities Can I Bead For?

Some charities actively seek crafters to create items for them to sell. To find these, check your local newspaper or look online. is one of the best websites for finding any type of volunteer opportunity, including calls for craft items.

If you have a specific charity in mind, contact your local chapter and ask if they would like to do a fundraiser with you. You can donate your work if you like, but large charities will often pay wholesale prices for craft items. This will help you recover your costs while still helping the charity.

You could also simply sell the items on your own and donate the profits to the charity of your choice. When doing this, however, it is important to consider the legal ramifications. You can’t claim to be affiliated with the charity when you’re really not, and if you say that all or a certain percentage of the profits will go to charity, then they must. It can also have an effect on your income taxes, so check with your tax advisor before proceeding.

Beading for charity is both fun and rewarding. Whether you do all of the beading yourself or get a group together to create the items, it’s a good feeling knowing that you’re doing something that you love and helping a worthy cause at the same time. You can even get your kids in on the act, laying the foundation for a lifetime of charitable activities.

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